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County Network Upgrades Result in Better Service, Communications

In 2014-2015, the Information Technology Department completed a project to replace the core data network that supports all data systems and connectivity countywide.

The County network infrastructure is the foundation for all public-facing information systems, like the County website, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and much more. Updating the County’s network infrastructure is critical to maintaining reliable communications and access to business applications that County employees use on a regular basis to better serve the public, and that the public needs for general use and business operations.

The core network is comprised of five major campus networks:

  • Downtown Datacenter
  • County Government Center
  • County Operations Center
  • Health Agency Campus
  • Social Services Campus

At each campus, a core router provides network traffic aggregation for all users, plus network connectivity to the Downtown datacenter where most of the county computing assets reside. In one fiscal year, all five core routers were replaced and over 4000 network nodes were migrated to the new core network with minimal downtime. The new core network infrastructure is on a 10-year lifecycle and provides the following enhancements.

  • 50 percent increase in network speeds
  • 30 percent cost savings over the old system
  • A higher level of data security and integrity
  • Integrated hardware and software redundancy
  • Scalable to meet data network demands for the next 10-plus years

In 2015-2016, there are additional network infrastructure upgrades underway. A new county-wide wireless (WiFi) system is being deployed. This project replaces over 120 wireless access points serving employees and the public in over 100 county facilities. Additionally, 80 out of 240 network access switches are being replaced as part of planned lifecycle refresh efforts.

The County also had new equipment installed in the SLO County Board of Supervisors Chambers, benefiting the public by allowing for fewer interruptions and better sound and video quality. Take look at the installation of this new equipment in the time-lapse video below.

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